Hey Girl, fancy spending Valentine’s Day with Ryan Gosling?

February 14th can really go either way in the hearts and minds of the public. Generally speaking, either Valentine’s Day is a harmless, fun event on the calendar, or you’re single. But whether you want to ease into the mood with your s.o. on date night or are trying to stubbornly ignore your utter loneliness, the Light House Cinema is looking to sort you out, with a chance to spend Valentine’s with Ryan Gosling. Watching his movies that is.

The Smithfield cinema have announced that February 14th will be a day for ‘Ryan and Wine‘, screening four of the Oscar-nominated star’s hits throughout. They promise a special menu dedicated to the hearthrob, featuring red velvet cupcakes, wine and cocktail specials to be enjoyed both at their bar and in their screens.

Proceedings kick off at 1pm with La  La Land, currently filling out both cinema screens and, no doubt, Oscar balots. That’s followed at 3.45 with another Gosling/Stone pairing in screwball rom-com Crazy Stupid Love. Then at 6.20pm it’s the film that first introduced so many hearts to Gosling,  The Notebook. Finally at 9pm, just in time to get the adreneline pumping, they’ll be rounding out the evening with a showing of the atmospheric (and violent) cult noir Drive. Tickets are on sale now and if you choose to spend your entire day with Mr. Gosling, nobody will judge you.

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