It’s Peter Parker’s Time To Pretend In Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

As you may already know from your various social media platforms blowing up this morning, or from having watched the teaser to the trailer in the matryoshka doll that is modern movie marketing, the first glimpse of Spider-Man: Homecoming was shown last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Your favourite part of Captain America: Civil War is swinging back into cinemas next year as the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer promises an injection of young radioactive blood into the Marvel Universe. The trailer features quips, thwips, Tony Stark and a bit of action. For Marvel fans, what better start could there be to a Friday morning?

After the stress-headache that was the Amazing Spider-Man series with poor, wasted Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Sony allowed Marvel visitation rights to their most popular character. With Marvel Studios producing and Sony handling the distributing, it is hoped that this will be a more successful reboot of the franchise. Clown and Cop Car director Jon Watts was hired to direct and the from casting to cameos, the last year or so has been filled with hype for the homecoming.

Tony Stark used a freshly-powered Peter Parker as the ace up his sleeve in his spat with Captain America in Civil War, and now is seen acting as a mentor to the young hero. As played by Tom Holland; a Brit not old yet old enough to drink in America, Spidey’s youth is being played up here, with the return to the high school setting and the inclusion of the Vulture, a youth-sapping old man (and the original Spidey enemy) as the film’s villain, played by Michael Keaton. In addition to the usual difficulties of pretending to have a normal teenage life, Peter also struggles with wanting more of that great responsibility that comes with great power, but feels like Tony Stark treats him like a kid. As pointed out by best friend Ned Leeds, he very much is a kid. In addition to RDJ and Keaton, there’s a quick shot of Marisa Tomei as Peter’s Aunt May, but no sign yet of Donald Glover, who’s role amongst the adults is as of yet unspecified. With MGMT’s Time To Pretend providing the music (and refreshingly for trailers, not a slow, sad cover), Spider-Man: Homecoming looks like a lot of fun so far. Watch the trailer (for, let’s be honest, the third or fourth time, we know some of you stayed up) below:

Are you excited for webhead’s return? Are you confused as to how many of these damn Spider-Man movies there are now? Let us know.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on July 7, 2017.

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