Fifty Shades Even Greyer

If you’re one of the millions who loved Fifty Shades of Grey and have been anticipating the follow-up with bated breath, you’re in luck. The Fifty Shades Darker trailer has finally come to put you out of your misery. It is fantastically put together, giving hints of the film’s plot without giving too much away thus leaving the audience wanting more. The trailer features another slowed down version of ‘Crazy in Love’, this time performed by Miguel. Audiences can expect a dramatic follow-up to  Fifty of Shades of Grey as Anastasia seems to have decided the sub life isn’t for her and insists that if Grey wants her back there’s to be no sign of the infamous contract. Unfortunately, things seem to take a turn for Anastasia; she receives surveillance pictures of herself and is confronted by a woman who may be one of Grey’s former dalliances. The film is set to be more of a thriller than its predecessor, it will be interesting to see how this change in genre pans out. Filming apparently has yet to start so this is more of an extended teaser, which is perhaps fitting considering the NSFW nature of the Fifty Shades franchise.

Check the trailer out yourself here.

The film will hit Irish cinemas in February 2017, exact date TBD.


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