4 Films You Must Take Your Kids To See At The Light House

All summer long, the Light House Cinema is hosting Films You’d Love Your Kids To See, a selection of childhood favourites guaranteed to bring memories flooding back and get the nostalgia flowing. It’s a great opportunity to introduce a whole new generation to some cinematic classics on the big screen, and Film In Dublin has picked out some of the best films the Light House is offering this summer. You simply must take your kids to see these:

Jurassic Park


A film that begs to be seen on the biggest, loudest screen possible, Jurassic Park will always be a family favourite. Steven Spielberg had long since mastered the art of balancing fun adventure and thrilling scares when he made Jurassic Park in 1993 and combining his skills with special effects that still hold up today and subject matter that’s permanently in the top half of things kids love to talk about ensures a foolproof recipe for success. One year on from Jurassic World, the original still stands tall, and there’s no need to stop and think if you should go see it, you know you will.

Most Nostalgic Moment: So many iconic shots to choose from, but its hard to top the T-Rex’s triumph in the film’s climax, an unexpected saviour standing tall as that banner falls from the ceiling, raptors scurry away and John Williams blares brilliantly in the background.


jaws-promo (1)

The original summer blockbuster and the source of many people’s terror of going into the water for years. The second Spielberg film on the list, Jaws is a perfectly constructed film with great performances and some unforgettable set-pieces. Scenes of dead bodies popping out underwater and people being eaten alive were causing audience members to faint in their seats back in 1975, but what do kids love more than a good traumatisation?

Most Nostalgic Moment: Throwing chum into the water hoping to attract a shark that has so far spent most of its time off screen, Chief Martin Brody discovers very suddenly that they’re going to need a bigger boat.



Starring the dearly departed Robin Williams, Jumanji was a staple of Buzzfeed’s favourite demographic; the 90s Kids. Modern children are also likely to enjoy this fantasy film about a magical board game that unleashes jungle-themed mayhem, provided modern children still know what a board game is. Jumanji is one of the next films in Hollywood’s remake crosshairs, with Dwayne Johnson set to star in a new film next year, so it’s a prime time to become reacquainted with the original.

Most Nostalgic Moment: Robin Williams, bushy bearded and wild, re-emerges from being trapped in Jumanji after twenty six years and goes just a bit mental as only he could.

The Lion King


Arguably the crowning achievement of Disney’s Renaissance in the early 90s, The Lion King is an all-time animation classic. From the beautiful animation of the opening scene to the impossibly catchy musical numbers to the comedic antics of Timon and Pumbaa, this film has a bit of everything to keep kids entertained. It’s one of the most epic in scale films that Disney has ever made even to this day and shouldn’t be missed on the big screen.

Most Nostalgic Moment: The film’s opening, in which all the animals of the Pride Lands converge on Pride Rock to witness the unveiling of Simba, the baby cub lifted before them all by Rafiki, a fantastic scene that let’s you know straight away that you’re in for a classic.

For details on how to see all these films and more, make sure to get the Light House’s website.

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