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A love letter to Irish mythology with a feminist twist, short film TETHERED  is an intriguing project currently seeking crowdfunding. takes a look at two different women harshly punished for being young. TETHERED is a dark, bittersweet and supernatural Irish fantasy film that promises to explore the power of folklore, family and friendship. The short is inspired by Irish mythology and our nation’s traditions of storytelling, as well as serving as an homage to 1980s genre films like Poltergeist, Cocoon, Labyrinth and The Watcher in the Woods – but all with a stridently feminist twist. 

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Director: Barry Jenkins Starring: Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders, Alex Hibbert, Naomie Harris, Mahershali Ali, Janelle Monàe, André Holland, Jharrel Jerome Running Time: 111 minutes

On a beautiful Miami beach, a father figure speaks to the young boy he’s decided to take responsibilty for. It’s a safe, calm place away from the oppressive inner city. In the moonlight, Mahershala Ali’s paternal drug-peddler Juan says to the silent and sad young Little, black boys look blue. Which is to say, how they’re seen changes depending on the world around them, and isn’t necessarily reflective of the truth. These words and the way in which they’re spoken reveal much about Moonlight, a poetic film that explores many issues about identity both racial and sexual, but does so in a deeply intimate and personal way.

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