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The Irish Film Institute’s annual Horrorthon is just one week away, a mix of bloody madness and mayhem that showcases a diverse range of horror films from Ireland and abroad. With plenty of Irish premieres, a couple of Q&As, shorts, surprises and a looot of blood, the IFI Horrorthon 2018 is set to be another great, gruesome festival of horror. We’ve picked out a few of the festivals highlights, and we’ve got the full programme for you to look through.

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Director: David Freyne Starring: Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor Running Time: 96 minutes

The Cured picks up where most zombie movies end. Society has reintroduced some degree of normality. Hordes of ravenous undead have stopped terrorising the streets. People are beginning to feel safe in their own homes again. However, as communities begin rebuilding themselves, once infected citizens, now cured of their insatiable appetites, are re-introduced back onto the streets, much to the outrage and disdain of the masses. It is in this setting – the aftermath of the bloodshed – that The Cured chooses to tell its story, a story less concerned with jumping out from behind corners to scare you than it is with burrowing deep within your conscious and challenging you.

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