The programme for Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018 has landed

It’s a good month for festivals in the fair city of film. With the East Asia Film Festival opening last night at the IFI and the Japanese Film Festival kicking off throughout the country this weekend, the time is perfect to get out of the April showers and into a cinema. Also this month is the return of the Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival, and last night the festival held a launch party in the Generator Hostel in Smithfield. With the launch complete and the full schedule of films now announced, the second year of one of Dublin’s top film festivals is ready to get underway at the end of the month.

Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018 will be taking place from April 26th – 29th, closing out the month with a weekend of fantastic sci-fi films; showcasing new talent and celebrating some all-time classics. Both the Generator Hostel and the Light House Cinema will once again by serving as hosts to the festival, with 18 feature films set to be screened along with a couple of sessions of shorts. With the likes of Planet of the Apes and John Carpenter’s They Live included in the programming, there are must-see films throughout the festival for sci-fi fans. There’s a strong international element to the films, with selections from Greece, Belgium, Poland, China and more. 50s B-Movies like The Fly and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms will serve as a look back at the fantastical science of the past, while the horror-themed Dark Futures short film collection will be a treat for those that like their sci-fi frightening.

On the opening night of Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018, an Irish film will take the spotlight. Written and directed by Sean Clancy, Locus of Control tells the story of Andrew Egan, who reluctantly accepts a teaching job to help the unemployed re-enter the workforce. As Andrew grows accustomed to the droll institution and its occupants he suspects that one of the students may be his downfall and that the previous teacher may not exactly have left of his own accord. While his life slowly unravels, Andrew’s lessons fall on deaf ears and he soon becomes part of a larger cosmic joke. After a selection of Irish shorts to begin proceedings at 5pmLocus of Control will be the festival’s first feature at 7.30pm.

Tickets for the festival’s films are €7 and are available now from the festival websiteCheck out the full schedule for the festival below.

Thursday 26th April 

Irish Sci-Fi Shorts Showcase (2016-2018) 5pm

Locus of Control (2016) 7.30pm

Friday 27th April 

Black Hollow Cage (aka Dark Portal) (2017) 5.30pm

Salyut 7 (2017) 6.00pm

The Man with the Magic Box (2017) 7.20pm

Let the Corpses Tan (2017) 10.45pm

Saturday 28th April 

The Capture (2017) 12.30pm

Love and Saucers (2017) 12.30pm

Sci-Fi Shorts 1 4pm

Hagazussa (2017) 4pm

The Fly (1958) 6pm

Thread (2016) 7.45pm

Planet of the Apes (1968) 9.45pm

Akira (1988) 10.45pm

Sunday 29th April 

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) 12pm

Big Fish and Begonia (2016) 12pm

Sci-Fi Shorts 2 2pm

Marjorie Prime (2017) 2pm

Instant Dreams (2017) 4pm

Dark Futures Shorts 6pm

They Live (1988) 7.30pm


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