Paranoia Cinephilia at the IFI’s Trust No One/Fake Views Series

The Irish Film Institute yesterday announced a pair of programmes that fit perfectly in our paranoid times. This May, the IFI will present ‘Trust No One’, a season of classic political thrillers from around the world. Running alongside that will be ‘Fake Views’, a combined effort with the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

The Trust No One Season will be running at the IFI from May 12th-30th, as the Institute presents 9 thrillers from around the world that tackle webs of conspiracies, authoritarian regimes, and revealing or fighting state corruption. Travelling from the news room, behind bars to the battlefield and beyond, these films were all made amidst the uncertain political air that followed the idealism of the 1960s.

High caliber filmmakers will have some of their best work showcased throughout the series. Two films from Costa-Gavras, the Oscar-winning and State of Siege, will be shown, alongside Fred Zinnemann’s Euro-classic assassin-thriller The Day of the Jackal, as well as intriguing, higly rated films from Italy and Germany. Two films from post-Watergate America will also be screened as part of the Trust No One season: Alan J. Pakula’s paranoid prelude to All the President’s MenThe Parallax View, featuring Warren Beatty as a journalist who becomes embroiled with a shadowy organisation involved in the recruitment of professional hit men, while Robert Redford and Fay Dunaway are the stars of Sydney Pollack’s tense Three Days of the Condor about a CIA researcher whose entire department have been killed.

Commenting on the season, Head of Cinemas Programming at the IFI David O’Mahony said:

“May 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the student riots of 1968, an opportune moment to look back and consider how the political idealism and energy of the time went on to inform the classic paranoid thrillers that soon followed.”

The full schedule for Trust No One is available below:

Sat 12th (4.00pm): Z
Sun 13th (4.00pm): The Day of the Jackal
Wed 16th (6.15pm): The Flight
Sat 19th (4.00pm): Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion
Sun 20th (4.00pm): The Parallax View
Wed 23th (6.30pm): State of Siege
Sat 26th (4.00pm): The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum
Sun 27th (4.00pm): Three Days of Condor
Wed 30th (6.30pm): Knife in the Head


Fake Views meanwhile, kicks off on May 15th. This series is a short selection of films that have been curated by the IFI in response to Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin’s current exhibition FAKE. The films, including Certified Copy starring Juliette Binoche as well as the controversial documentary Catfish, explore how filmmakers have engaged with issues around copying and fakery, and are set to explore how faking and mimicry can be highly effective strategies for success. Each of these films will be introduced by a guest of the IFI, and all three are sure to spark some interesting discussion. Check out the full schedule for Fake Views below.

Tues 15th (6.30pm): Certified Copy with an introduction by Ian Brunswick, Head of Programming at Science Gallery Dublin
Sat 19th (1.30pm): Catfish with an introduction by cyberpsychologist Nicola Fox Hamilton.
Sat 26th (1.30pm): Tim’s Vermeer with an introduction by the National Gallery of Ireland.

Tickets for both selections of films are available now from the IFI.



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