Batman and Harley Quinn, For One Night Only


For one night only, there’s a new movie in the style of Batman the Animated Series coming to Cineworld Dublin! A reluctant Batman teams up with Harley Quinn to save the world in Batman and Harley Quinn.

If you’re a fan of the cult-favourite Animated Series and it’s follow up The New Batman Adventures, you’ll be happy to discover that Kevin Conroy here returns in his role voicing the Caped Crusader and Loren Lester returns to voicing Nightwing in this latest caper. And of course, the film was co-written by Bruce Timm who was master character designer for the iconic series.

But to answer the burning question – Why exactly would Batman want help from the Maiden of Mischief? When Poison Ivy joins forces with the Floronic Man to either save the planet or engage in eco-terrorism depending on how you look at it. Batman decides to take advantage of Harley’s friendship with the Vined Vixen without so much as a spa day pass in return! And takes Nightwing along for the ride.

If you want to find out why the Floronic man exclaims “This is no ordinary leafy mouse”, you can attend Cineworld’s screening on the 14th of August at 7PM. Tickets available here.

Note: This article originally said that Loren Lester graduates from voicing Robin to Nightwing. Lester in fact is reprising his role as Nightwing (which he originated in The New Batman Adventures back in 1998).

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